Norfolk Cetaceans – 8th August 2020

Andy Clarke saw a single whale blow off Sheringham today. No further sign or details available. Tania and I watched from Sheringham but conditions were windy and choppy so no further sign.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 6th August 2020

Photographs have emerged on social media of what appears to be a male BOTTLE-NOSED WHALE off Weybourne today. Perhaps one of two animals. This is the prime time for this species to be moving South but it would normally go to it’s wintering grounds via the Atlantic not the North Sea. Given this is a deep water species I would ask watchers to be mindful that the animal has a high chance of stranding and would not normally be close inshore.

23rd July 2020 – Norfolk Cetaceans

A belated report of a HARBOUR PORPOISE seen by Tony F off Weybourne heading East towards Sheringham.

Norfolk Cetaceans – SWF Membership

At long last it’s now possible to become a Sea Watch Foundation member. For very little cost it’s possible to support the cetaceans around the UK. I urge you to click on the following link and choose a membership level appropriate for you. The funds raised will help the scientific research Sea Watch Foundation does to protect our Whales, Dolphins and Porpoise. There are benifits for you too ….

Norfolk Cetaceans – 25th June 2020

A belated report of a MINKE WHALE 1.2 miles off Sheringham at 9:10am reported by sailor and fisherman John Davies via Trevor Williams. The animal was accompanied by 5 dark shearwaters.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 24th June 2020

A belated report of a BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN in Brancaster Harbour seen and photographed by Vicki Franks. This animal appears to have a large propeller disfigurement on the dorsal fin and should be easily recognisable if seen again.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 24th June 2020

Mark Pummell saw 5 or 6 HARBOUR PORPOISE just metres from the shore at Hunstanton.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 8th June 2020

Patrick Goffin (@patrickgoffin) reported a HARBOUR PORPOISE off Winterton via Twitter. Thank you to Richard Moores for the details.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 27th May 2020

Some good sightings of HARBOUR PORPOISE this morning between 8:00 and 9:30am distantly off West Runton by my wife Tania and myself. Small groups of 4 + 4 + 2 + 1 in varying distances of 1 to 2Km from shore in glass like conditions. All adult animals heading West.

Norfolk Cetaceans 27th May 2020

Up to 8 HARBOUR PORPOISE viewed from West Runton heading west between 1 & 2 Km out. Viewing now.