Norfolk Cetaceans – 11th September 2019

Not a cetacean but of great interest is the sighting by a fisherman of an Atlantic Blue Marlin/Sailfish/Swordfish off Cley. The animal breached clear of the water three times by a fishing boat within 500m of the shore before moving off West followed by gulls. Given the brevity of sightings and similarity of the species it is not possible to be more specific as to exact species.


Norfolk Cetaceans – Call for Records

It is worth mentioning that todays unfortunate animal at Heacham is the first live harbour porpoise that has been reported in the county since 2ND APRIL – This is unprecedented – have numbers really plummeted that much? … or are they not getting reported? … any sightings of cetaceans please report to

Norfolk Cetaceans – 7th September 2019

British Marine Divers Rescue were today called out to rescue a HARBOUR PORPOISE at Heacham that had stranded on the beach. Unfortunately despite their best efforts the animal died.


Norfolk Cetaceans – 20th July 2019

Every year for nine days in late July, Sea Watch Foundation look to wildlife enthusiasts all around the UK to support National Whale and Dolphin Watch, a citizen science project organized by the Sea Watch Foundation now in its 18th year. Volunteers hope to catch a glimpse of whales, dolphins and porpoises visiting the seas around the British Isles. The event this year is taking place nationally from Saturday 27th July until Sunday 4th August 2019 and it marks the long-lasting collaboration between citizen scientists, wildlife enthusiasts, the general public and researchers alike to further our knowledge about cetaceans within UK waters.

I shall be organising a local watch on Sunday 4th August. Everyone is welcome to come and join me on the day between 10am and 3pm to see what we can find in the sea off Overstrand in Norfolk. If you can spare an hour or more to help me I’d be appreciative. 

Please join me at the broken bench on the eastern slope of the promenade at Overstrand anytime between 10am and 3pm. Park on Clifton Way NR27 0NG and walk down the promenade to the sea. The lonely little soul looking through a telescope will be me! I look forward to seeing you.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 7th April 2019

Firstly a dead HARBOUR PORPOISE seen on the beach at Hunstanton by Maureen Campbell appeared to be the rear end of a male animal and Graham Fellows saw a LARGE CETACEAN SPECIES off Cley at 08:35. “logging” 500m off the carpark. He stated it was dark grey/black. Only glimpsed for a minute or so with bins but he managed a quick low powered scope view too. But going up power it submerged and despite being looked for it did not show itself again. Not a large bull Grey Seal. No blow seen at all.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 2nd April 2019

Graham Fellows saw a HARBOUR PORPOISE feeding 100m offshore at Cley Coastguards before it moved off West.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 27th March 2019

Kate Dunbar found a dead young HARBOUR PORPOISE under the cliffs at Hunstanton. Kate photographed the corpse which superficially looks like a Grey Seal attack but had also been extensively predated.