Norfolk Cetaceans – 19th May 2017 and 21st May 2017

Th Walker family found a freshly dead HARBOUR PORPOISE on the beach at Snettisham. This was probably the same animal as seen on the 21st by Diane Westwood and later by Belinda Gerard at the damn at Heacham beach. This was a 1.25m adult male showing signs of by-catch wounds around the tail and subsequent probing by gulls.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 2nd May 2017

A freshly dead HARBOUR PORPOISE has been reported between Cromer Pier and East Runton. Apparently it has a notched wound to the rear of the body.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 1st May 2017

Paul Lee saw a HARBOUR PORPOISE 800m off Sheringham moving slowly east.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 17th April 2017

Dave Miller reported a dead HARBOUR PORPOISE stranded on the beach at Overstrand towards the west end of the revetments. It  was later reported by Jonathan Anderson as still being present at 15:20.

Norfolk Cetaceans – Belgium News

Some video footage of the Bowhead Whale off Belgium. Note the observer has repeated a section in slow motion to show the ‘V’ shaped blow typical of this species. Unfortunately I heard this morning it had become entangled in fishing gear. It is worth noting that the Humpback off Devon also had to be rescued from fishing gear for the second time yesterday. 

Norfolk Cetaceans – News

Yesterday a BOWHEAD WHALE was seen off the Netherlands (160km from Norfolk) – prior to last years Cornish/Irish individual being seen it occurred off France – eyes to the sea!

Norfolk Cetaceans – 26th March 2017

Louise De Lisle found a long dead and scavenged HARBOUR PORPOISE on the beach at Salthouse above the high-water mark.