Norfolk Cetaceans – 16th July 2018

A headless cetacean was found by Brian Cuttell at Waxham. From photo’s it’s probably a HARBOUR PORPOISE.


Norfolk Cetaceans – 7th July 2018

A sighting by Paul Lee 1km off Sheringham of two HARBOUR PORPOISE feeding in flat conditions.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 4th July 2018

The cadaver of a large whale has been reported floating about one mile off Caister by fishermen. From photographs it appears to be a male balaenoptera species and looks to have been dead for around a week. If it does come ashore it should be possible to ascertain if it is another young Fin Whale or a Minke.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 28th June 2018

After eventually leaving the river Great Ouse to enter the Wash the young FIN WHALE returned once more into the river. British Divers Marine Life Rescue are in attendance. The animal has obviously sustained substantial surface injuries. Please be mindful of the need for BDMLR to do their job and whilst observing keep dogs at a distance, remain quiet and do so from the bank and not a boat. Thank you.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 28th June 2018

This photo by Derek Fysh strongly indicates a FIN WHALE

Some photos taken by a reporter from the EDP show lacerations to the dorsal area. The animal appears to show some injuries, BDMLR have been advised.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 28th June 2018

Just seen another photo of the whale in the Ouse and it is showing features of a young FIN WHALE – the dorsal fin is swept back in the photo I’ve seen with a very obtuse angle between the back and leading edge of the fin – if the whale rolls we need to see if it is wearing white ‘mittens’ on the pectoral fins. If it does it is indeed a Minke if not we have a small Fin Whale.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 28th June 2018

What appears to be a MINKE WHALE from the photos below is in the Great River Ouse at Kings Lynn currently. As photographed by Paul Tibbs (copyright on both photos) Lets hope it goes out with the tide and makes it back out to sea.