Norfolk Cetaceans – 2nd April 2019

Graham Fellows saw a HARBOUR PORPOISE feeding 100m offshore at Cley Coastguards before it moved off West.


Norfolk Cetaceans – 27th March 2019

Kate Dunbar found a dead young HARBOUR PORPOISE under the cliffs at Hunstanton. Kate photographed the corpse which superficially looks like a Grey Seal attack but had also been extensively predated.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 24th March 2019

Dave Miller saw a HARBOUR PORPOISE close inshore off Cromer Golf Course heading west.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 1st March 2019

Chris Booth again saw two HARBOUR PORPOISE 1km off Titchwell before they moved off East

Norfolk Cetaceans – 25th February 2019

Chris Booth saw a maximum of 5 HARBOUR PORPOISE logging and feeding within a half hour period this morning some 1.5 to 2km off Titchwell.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 24th February 2019

Dave Jones saw two HARBOUR PORPOISE distantly off Holme yesterday.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 21st February 2019

Sarah Brown reported  what in all probability is a dead HARBOUR PORPOISE on the beach at Winterton south of the cafe. Photograph pending.