Norfolk Cetaceans – 9th November 2019

Greg Bond watched 2 HARBOUR PORPOISE swim west 400m off Overstrand around midday today

Norfolk Cetaceans – 4th November 2019

Chris Small watched 3 or 4 HARBOUR PORPOISE approximately 2Km off Tichwell heading East this morning at 11am.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 4th November 2019

I obtained brief and distant views of the large cetacean off Cley this morning. It was better seen by others who tell me it was ‘blowing’ and was seen to tail fluke although it was always distant. This would eliminate both Minke and Fin Whale. The view I obtained was that of the head which looked more Humpback like. Given the poor views I feel it must remain in the large whale sp. category.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 4th November 2019

Trevor Williams saw a large whale off East Bank at Cley just now. From the description given it was most likely a FIN WHALE 1500m offshore heading west towards Blakeney Point.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 27th October 2019

On Sunday a member of the Sheringham Lifeboat Team reported seeing a large whale about a mile of Weybourne.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 18th October 2019

Not a Cetacean but of great interest was a BASKING SHARK 500m off Titchwell heading west seen by Quentin Given at 2pm and watched for 15 minutes.

Norfolk Cetaceans – 11th October 2019

Report of a Minke Whale off Mundesley and a small whale in the Wash. No further details available.