Norfolk Cetaceans – 17th November 2014

Pilot Whale Update

The Pilot Whales after heading off east from Norfolk last Monday tried the continent for approval. Seen off the coast of Belgium on Friday…/vrtnieuws.en…/videozone_ENG/1.2148448

They then zigzagged their way back west and were seen yesterday off the Isles of Grain in the Medway (per RBA). The British Divers Marine Mammal Rescue were again put on alert but as yet, fortunately, there’s no sign of them stranding.…/footage-of-dozens-of-pilot-w…/

It’s always difficult with these deep water species to know what they are doing here but the late autumn spawning Herring may be a factor. Pilot Whales will eat Herring as a substitute for their preferred diet of squid.

It seems ‘lost’ whales travelling down from the Arctic have an instinct to move west into where they think the open water of the Atlantic should be. Of course if they are on our East coast this can have dire consequences. The lure of the Wash and The Thames are often their downfall. I always feel with potential ‘strandable’ whales on the east coast that if they make it around ‘the toe’ of Kent they’ll maybe be ok. I hope so.