6th December 2013

Friends of Horsey Seals inform me the surge devastated the horsey rookery and it’s estimated that 400 Grey Seal pups have died.  Only pups which managed to get on to the dunes have survived; an estimation of 50-60 are alive. Please keep out of the dunes. It is imperative that seals are not pushed or frightened back into the sea as they will need to rest.

It is also likely that porpoises, being coastal animals, may also be washed up on beaches. Please do not approach them and phone British Divers Marine Life Rescue head office on 01825 765546 weekdays from 9am-5pm or out-of-hours number on 07787 433412 in the evenings and weekends. Please note that neither number receives texts. The charity will then send local trained volunteers to assess the situation and provide first aid and support where necessary.