Humpbacks off Norfolk

There have been some wholly unconfirmed reports in the press by local fishermen of up to three Whales and a school of Dolphins off Norfolk.

To try and get to the bottom of this I would like to organise a sea watch on Saturday 23rd – anytime – but preferably morning. A couple of hours would be great  but even thirty minutes would be worthwhile.

Choose a location along the coast and send me an email to let me know where you will be watching along with your mobile number. If you have no preference let me know and I’ll suggest some places so we ensure as much of the coast is covered as possible. I will organise for you to receive a text should anything good be seen.

The weather is set to be a brisk northerly with cloud but no rain. At the very least we should see some half decent birds even if we don’t see any cetaceans.

Thanks for your help.

Carl Chapman
Regional Seawatch Foundation Coordinator

Norfolk Cetacean Recorder
Mobile 07833 463 034
Office 01263 576 995